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                   Organization: Kazit Children Foundation
                      Account Number: 2020697565
                         Bank: First Bank, Nigeria
                           SWIFT/BIC: FBNINGLA



By making a charitable donation to the Kazit Children Foundation, you are there for all our children and coming generations who face a collapsing world destroyed by greed and consumption.

Your donation is used efficiently. Every kobo is invested in building our charity foundation and finding a sustainable model of life for us and the future generations.

If you wish to donate larger amounts and from your bank – a banker will help you if you just provide the bank details above. It’s all you need, but please let us know by emailing us as well.

All donations go to the KCDF cause and now the most important task is to get enough funds to extend our reach.

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Fund Raising

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Connect with us

No. 416 – 427 Augustus Aikhomo Way Utako, Abuja, Nigeria

  • dummy+234 (803) 704 0537

  • dummy+234 (809) 488 4707

  • dummy


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